One of the most frequently asked questions that I receive from women is how do I tone and tighten my body?

One of the biggest misconceptions is that toning and tightening your body is the same thing.  Unfortunately his is wrong.  Most people who get start a fitness program can become toned relatively easily.  There are a lot of women out there who are not fat by any means.  Their clothing fits well and they have limited body fat.  In essence they are toned.  But are they ‘tight’?

As you proceed into your 4th or 5th week of any diet program you will be pleasantly surprised at how well you have lost those extra few pounds.  Your clothing will fit better, you’ll have more energy, and people will begin to notice!  But one thing that you may notice is that while you are running or jumping or waving good-bye there are areas of your body that seem to wiggle a bit longer than you would like.  Now your diet may have done its job by burring off the extra pounds of body weight but your diet will not tighten your body.

As you can see these two terms are very different when it comes to your body.  Tightening your body can only be done through resistance exercise.  You must train with weights!  Resistance training gives your body what it needs to tighten up your muscles.  Weight training will also give your body a complete way of burning more calories at rest.

Now in the reality of obtaining a tone and tight body is that you really do not need to spend hours upon hours in the gym.  A lot of clients that I have actually train in their own homes. Your body does not know the difference between using expensive weight machines or using an inexpensive home gym.  I believe that one of the biggest pieces of exercise equipment that is overlooked is the use of resistance bands.  So if money is tight or you do not feel comfortable exercising in a gym or fitness center then purchasing an inexpensive set of exercise bands will work just fine.

So there you have it.  The difference between tone and tighten is pretty clear.  It takes a well-balanced diet to lose body fat to produce a toned body.  On the other hand it will take a resistance exercise program to produce a tight body.  I suggest that you try to reach both a toned and tight body.  The greatest part is that you can reach both simultaneously.

Are you confused about how you can tone and tighten your body at the same time? No worries, with my Tone and Tighten exercise program you will receive a detailed road map that will show you exactly how to exercise and eat to reach your goal!  Click HERE to sign-up!

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