What is In Corrective Exercise in las vegas

Corrective Exercise is used to assist clients who have dysfunction due to previous injury, current pain, or deficiency, and as a method of injury prevention. Is an old injury limiting your fitness goals? Has rehab been completed, but you're not back to your previous fitness level? Do you want to prevent injury or avoid surgery? Looking to optimize your speed or strengthen individual muscle groups?

What is Corrective Exercise in las vegas?

Often, dysfunction in one region of the body can cause pain in another location, a common issue exacerbated by Las Vegas’s active lifestyle. Years of bad form, improper posture from prolonged sitting, overuse, or repetitive motions can lead to compensations that result in dysfunction of the kinetic chain, ultimately leading to pain or injury.

In Las Vegas, a Corrective Exercise Specialist will use movement screens and assessments to determine weak or underactive muscles and strong or overly dominant muscles, creating a customized program to correct these compensations, helping restore proper muscle function and range of motion in joints.

Why is Corrective Exercise important in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas’s vibrant lifestyle often involves physical activities that can strain the body. Everyone’s body has its own set of issues, and the human body is incredibly efficient, intentionally recruiting the stronger muscles to produce movement. Repetitive motions in daily life or specific to Las Vegas’s activities could lead to overuse of particular muscles associated with those movements, causing dysfunction when those muscles become the primary recruits for movements. Muscles attach to tendons and ligaments, which move your joints, so by correcting inefficiencies in the musculature, joint pain can decrease.

By working with a Corrective Exercise Specialist in Las Vegas, individuals can address these compensations before they cause further pain or dysfunction. This can lead to decreased pain, reduced likelihood of injury, and often accelerated attainment of fitness goals, which is particularly valuable in a city known for its active lifestyle.

Am I a candidate for Corrective Exercise in Las Vegas?

Have you ever been injured? Do you experience joint pain, especially given Las Vegas’s active environment? Anyone who has had a previous injury, surgical proc


Corrective Exercise Packages in Las Vegas


Individual Assessment

One-Time Session
$80/Single Session
  • Session With Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Movement Screen Baseline
  • Corrective Exercise Plan
  • Coordinated & Integrated into Your Regular Dedication PT Program
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45 Minute Session

Single Session
$65/Single Session
  • Session With Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • 12 Session Pkg/$720
  • 24 Session Pkg/$1320
  • *Ask About our First Responder/Military Discount
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60 Minute Session

Single Session
$85/Single Session
  • Session With Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • 12 Session Pkg/$960
  • 24 Session Pkg/$1800
  • *Ask About our First Responder / Military Discount
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