Gaining muscle mass is not a walk in the park! You’d better get off your butt and start lifting some real weight, performing serious lifting routines and eating the precise foods your body demands if you’re ever going to achieve that muscular rock-hard physique you’re after.

The name of the mass building game is GO BIG, GO HEAVY or GO HOME.

Yo, most guys who want to gain muscle mass are not lifting with the right intensity to make any real gains. Just look around the gym, do any of those dudes look any bigger than they did 6 months ago? No! They are not lifting heavy enough, they aren’t using intensity to help them build bigger muscle faster and they are not using targeted weight training exercises to gain muscle mass.

Muscle has to be stressed and pushed beyond its limits during every training session to grow. You have got to lift heavy, using powerful multi joint exercises to shred the muscle fibers and force them to adapt.

So how heavy is heavy enough?

The key to gaining muscle mass fast is to make sure you are shredding the muscles and forcing them to heal and expand. You have to lift heavy weight to achieve this. The definition of heavy is as much weight as you can possibly lift for 6 repetitions. In other words, the absolute maximum amount of weight you can lift 6 times without puking.

How many pounds did you bench last week? Was that your absolute max?

This is gut wrenching training that makes you gain muscle mass quick. If you want to be stacked with serious slabs of muscle and shredded down to 5% body fat, you gotta push yourself beyond your perceived limits and execute intense weight lifting exercises that are laser-targeted for each muscle group you are building.

So, which weight lifting exercises are best for building muscle?

To gain muscle mass fast, you should be performing a multi joint weight lifting routine that forces your body to use multiple muscles simultaneously. This type of gut-wrenching weight training is the most efficient way to gain muscle mass. For instance, if you do a set of dead lifts, you are not only building your back, but your quads, hamstrings and glute muscles have to work to lift the weight as well.
Performing multi joint exercises will rip your muscles to shreds!

You must feed your muscles the exact amount protein, fats and carbs to sustain and rebuild themselves before and after these gut-wrenching multi joint lifting workouts. Muscle needs protein and other nutrients to build and grow, if you don’t feed them they will not be able to stand up to these intense lifting workouts and you will never make any progress.

So, you might as well just stay in bed if you are not going to feed your body the nutrients it needs to gain muscle mass.

But you can’t just guess at how much protein you need, 1.5 grams per pound is the average amount of protein everyone uses, and they get average results. You must use the exact amount of protein for you, your body type and your training routine so that you can power through these hard core lifting exercises and get freakin shredded!

Are you going to just keep guessing how much protein to feed your muscle? Or are you going to make sure you got it right, check out the facts and build the massive, muscular hard body of your dreams.


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