What you’re missing from your current training program is probably strength and control?

Repeating simple range of motion exercises causes microtrears and metabolites. That is what stimulates growth.  If your goal is to build muscle size and aesthetics then that is the prefect way to train.

However, if your goal is improving your actual strength and power, becoming faster and more agile and want to be healthier then there’s a lot missing.

Repeating the same simple range of motion exercises day in and day out can become incredibly boring.  So it shouldn’t be any surprise that we have a problem sticking with that type of training.

Fitness trainer and coaches across the globe have come the realize this and have created some solutions.  Kettlebells are one solution but there is another…hand balancing.


Handstand Strength and Control













What is Hand Balancing?

The forgotten art of hand balancing on your has since be obscured by technical and hard to follow fitness programs.  But it is a great way to increase strength and control. Hand standing involves performing movements like hand stands.  The way you transition between these movements and the various different variations you can eventually pull off to demonstrate not only muscle power but also muscle control, balance and precision.

Those who become truly adept at this kind of training will eventually learn to do things like clapping handstand press ups, planche on just two fingers and all kinds of other fantastic feats.

This can also be combined with bar work, as demonstrated by a lot of ‘street workouts’ found on YouTube (look up ‘Bar Starz’ or ‘Bartendaz’). This then incorporates more pulling movements like muscle ups, like one armed pull ups and like levers.



Strength and Control Rock Climbing

Why It’s Amazing and How to Get Started?

Why is this type of training so good for strength and control? Well, for starters, this type of training encourages you to be much more present psychologically and to really stay focused.  With having to concentrate on what you’re doing and how you’re doing it you need to concentrate hard and this strengthens the ‘mind muscle connection’.

Just like kettlebell training, Hand Stand Strength and Control training forces you to use smaller supporting muscles in order to hold your body at different and less expected angles.

Finally, this kind of training is fun and highly rewarding. You get a huge amount of reward out of being able to pull off these movements!  But you’ll also find there is inherent reward in being so focused with the movements themselves.

So how do you get started?

Actually, it’s very easy. All you really need to get started with type of training is a set of push up stands that will make hand balancing easier for beginners. A pull up bar is also a great tool. As you become more confident and skillful, you can then progress to training with things like parallel bars (cheap and easy to come-by), gymnastic rings and more advanced tools.

There are many ways that you can institute every day activities into a workout program!  Down load my FREE Guide on how to Create a Functional Home Gym by clicking HERE!! Are looking for a Personally Designed Program that will take the guess work out of what to do and how to do it? Then sign-up for one of my Online Fitness Coaching Programs!

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