For those of you who know me know that I am a straight shooter.  In being so I decided to write an article on No BS Muscle Building Facts.


I remember when I first starting to work out with weights.  I was a skinny sophomore in high school that no matter what I did I could not build muscle, let alone gain weight.  I remember my father bringing me 2 meals from McDonalds every day during football preseason to try and help me put on some weight.  No matter what I did I could not gain a pound.  This is where my journey to get as big and as strong as I could began.


Like any other teenage boy, or girl, who was mesmerized by the likes of Lee Haney or Dorian Yates I searched and searched every muscle magazine in order to learn how to pack on pounds of muscle.  It wasn’t until I began to study and learn as much as I could about the human body that I realized that most of what I read in the magazines as a teenager was BS.


I have decided to write this article on No BS Muscle Building Facts to help clear up some of the BS that I used to take as gospel.  I understand that there will probably be a lot of people out there who will not take the information that I am about to provide very well.  But the reality of it is that the techniques that I am about to give you are scientifically accurate and may not live up to the hype that you have been fed up until this point.


supplements build muscle


If you talk to some Professionals out there they will tell you they spend hours upon hours in the gym each and every day.  This is complete BS.  Here’s why:


If you are spending more than an hour preforming your workout then you are spending too much time talking or on your cell phone.  You should keep your workout to no more than 45 minutes to an hour.  If you truly want to put your body in the best position to grow then you should make sure to train as intense as you can on each set; performing no more that 8-10 reps with no more than 90 seconds of rest between sets.   Your goal is to stimulate the muscle to grow and not annihilate it by performing more exercises, sets, or reps than is necessary.


You must change up your workout often in order for the muscle to grow.  I call BS on this as well.  Muscle is just that, muscle.  It does not know the difference and you don’t need to outsmart them.  There is a lot of information out there that tells you that when you plateau you need to change up your workout out to influence more gains.  Scientifically this is not true.  There are many reasons why people hit plateaus in their training.  It could be a number of things to include calorie intake, rest time in between sets, or lack of sufficient recovery time.  If you aren’t sleeping you are not recovering.


You should do lighter weight and higher repetitions to get lean and shredded.  This is also BS.  If you are truly looking to get shredded and still wanting to get bigger than the truth lies in your diet.  You cannot out train a bad diet.  That is the truest statement ever said when it comes to getting a lean rock hard body.  Keep training heavy and change your diet and add some cardio and you will be lean and BIG!  Also the only way to lose any unwanted fat is to make sure to end you day in a calorie deficit.


Key to Muscle Growth


Another myth is train as heavy as you can each and every workout.  OMG this is complete BS.  You see there is a theory that completely annihilates that statement and it’s called the Theory of Overcompensation.   This theory is one of the most important theories when it comes to building as much muscle as possible.


The Theory of Overcompensation states that our bodies respond to stress (resistance) by overcompensating in order to handle the stress (resistance) the next time it is presented.  In layman’s terms what this means is that your body builds up more muscle by creating more muscle fibers the more weight you use so that the next time you use that weight it will be easier for your body to handle.  Unfortunately this takes about 18 days to complete.  Take a look at the graph below which explains this theory.


law of overcompensation



As you can see by the No BS Muscle Building facts I discussed in this article there is a lot of miss information out there that can actually stop you from building the muscular physique you are looking for.  I haven’t even gone into the supplement industry.  There is a reason why every add you see for the latest “Muscle Building” supplement includes a national level bodybuilder.

If you are struggling like I did when I was young to build more muscle but have not been successful, then I suggest signing up for one of my Online Coaching Programs so I can give you the road map you deserve that will lead you to the body you want. Stop listening to all of the hype and pass along this article, No BS Muscle Building Facts, to all of your friends!

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