Are you looking ways to get stronger fast? Are you struggling with increasing your strength?  Are you frustrated that you are not seeing gains in your strength even though you seem to have tried every trick?

In this article I am going to give you several different tips that have been used by some of the top fitness athletes to help them increase their strength on most movements.  Some of these tips may seem a bit out of the ordinary but I am certain that they will help you get stronger fast.

  1. Visualize completing the set before grasping the bar

One thing that I don’t think that people take seriously is visualization.  Visualization influences the Mind and Body connection.  Those who are looking to get stronger fast, need to see themselves pressing the weight before they even grasp the bar.  This prepares your mind to activate more muscle fibers to handle the task at hand.

  1. Start with a heavier weight than your working set

This may seem a bit strange to most.  But by warming up with a weight that is heavier than your first set will make your body activate more muscle fibers during your working sets making it seem easier.  Make sure to do less reps during this warm-up set than what you plan to do in your working sets.

  1. Drive your heels into the floor

This is a MIUST for anyone who wants to increase their pressing movements such as the bench press, incline press, or military press.  By pushing your heels into the floor your base becomes stronger and allows you to ‘lock’ into position.  The energy created from pressing your heels into the floor will transfer up into your working muscles making getting stronger fast an instant reality.

  1. Train with someone stronger than you

Having a big ego can destroy your goal of getting stronger fast.  By training, or getting a spotter that is stronger than you are is a great way to get psyched for your set.  It’s kind of like the ‘magic fingers’ theory.  You don’t want to fail in front of someone who you want to impress.


  1. Use eccentric training

One of the most overlooked training theories to get stronger fast in eccentric training.  Eccentric training is done by moving the bar slowly during the negative portion of the movement.  If you are bench pressing load the bar with your 1 rep maximum weight.  The spotter should take 95% of the load during the concentric (pressing) portion of the movement and then give you 100% of the weight during the negative, or lowering, of the movement.  Once you institute this training method your body will have no choice but to get stronger fast to handle the intensity of eccentric training.

There is so much information that it can get extremely confusing about what works and what doesn’t.  But having a solid understanding of different training techniques and tips can help you surpass every goal you set.  These techniques will not work for everyone and following the theory of individual differences must be adhered to at all times.  By singing up for one of my training packages you will receive a program that follows the 7 Granddaddy Laws of Fitness and you’ll start seeing results fast.

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