Getting Lean and Keeping Your Muscle Mass

Getting Lean and keeping your Muscle Mass is not an easy task.  Time and time again we see many people pack on pounds of muscle only to break it down while trying to lose body fat.  Many years ago I put together a diet plan after trying to keep the Muscle Mass I have gained while still getting contest ready.  As you know, or should know, there is a big difference between getting lean and getting contest ready…right?

While I am not going to discuss the difference listed above, I wanted to give you guys, and gals, a “guide” to help get you contest ready and not just lean.  Below you will see a diet plan that I use EVERY day.  However, since I am not trying to get “contest ready,” I use it as a guide to keep me on track.  By changing things up a little here and there I am able to stay on track, still get lean, but not completely “shredded.”  But, if you stick to this plan, and I mean to the letter, you will see amazing results and get into “contest shape”.

With that being said here it is.  For those looking to get in contest shape I would add in some of our Lean Muscle Products to help boost your Muscle Building ability while still sticking to the diet.

Meal Plan

Meal 1:

6 Egg Whites (you can buy Liquid Egg Whites to save time 1 cup)

½ Oatmeal Cooked (add in sweetener if needed)

¼ cup raisins

1 tbls Cinnamon

Meal 2:

Post Workout

Protein Shake (1 scoop or 40 grams)

Meal 3:

5oz Chicken Breast

½ Cup Cooked Brown Rice

¼ Cup Whole Almonds ( handful)

Meal 4:

1 Scoop Protein (or 40 grams)

½ Cup Blueberries

1 small Banana

Meal 5:

5 oz Fish (Orange Roughy or Talapia)

6-8 Asparagus Sticks

¼ Cup Whole Almonds (Handful)

Meal 6:

5oz Chicken Breast

Large Green Salad.

¼ Cup Oil Dressing

6-8 Asparagus Sticks

Meal 7:

½ Scoop Protein (or 25 grams)

Substitute your proteins with Turkey Breast or Lean Ground Beef (at least 96% lean)

Substitute Asparagus with Broccoli or Brussels Sprouts.

Split your meals up by 2-3 hours, never go longer than 3 hours.

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