Over my many years of training clients I have noticed one popular reason why people do not start a healthy exercise and diet program; they do not know where to begin.  The internet has provided tons and tons of information about health and fitness.   Unfortunately after 30 minutes of searching for the information you seek you end up even more confused than you were prior to beginning their research.

So each time you put in a search word or phrase you are bombarded with photos of fitness men and women telling you that you can look like them in a matter of weeks.  But if you have a sense of reality you will quickly understand how hard you will have to work and how dedicated you must be to adhering to a strict diet and exercise program.

But what if you are not necessarily looking to have a skin tight body or a body that you want to show off but instead are just looking to drop a few pounds and be healthier.  There is an extreme in every aspect of life.  If you want extreme results then you must do extreme things.  But if you are just looking to get healthier then you can achieve this without limiting the things you love.

How to get started with a healthy exercise and diet program?  Honestly it is not rocket science. You just need to get started.  I have made this process as easy as possible with my Fitness App.  I take the guess work out of what to do and how to do it and the information is with you wherever you go.  If you want more information about this then complete the form below and I will tell you more.Healthy Exercise program

It is fairly common knowledge that you must eat a better diet.  A healthy exercise program relies on a healthy diet. But this does not mean you need to cut out everything right now and eat nothing but boring tasteless foods.  Take it slow.  This is a change of lifestyle and it will take some time.  So do not be so hard on yourself.  Take it one step at a time.  Remove one bad thing from each meal.  Instead of loading up on mashed potatoes maybe cut that portion in half and add in a handful of veggies.  Start off with one meal at a time.

What if I really do not know what exercises to do?  The same principle that applies to your diet applies to a healthy exercise program.  As a child during the Holidays my dad would always go for a walk about 30 minutes after a large holiday meal.  This was nothing intense but more of a leisurely stroll.  What I do not think he realized at the time was that he was making his body begin the calorie burning process.  For me as a kid it was fun.  He would point out different things and tell a story about them.

Now don’t get me wrong a leisurely walk will not alone make your body burn a ton of calories.  But it’s a start.  Remember small steps. At some point you are going to have to make the jump and begin to challenge yourself.  Turn the leisurely walk into a faster walk for a longer period of time.  Maybe grab a set of light hand weights and curl them during each step.  Set a tempo.

Once you get to a point where your ‘power’ walk seems less and less challenging you are going to need to move on to something more aggressive.  Your body is ever changing and will adapt to the changes you place upon it.  Every healthy exercise program requires a level of progression.  You place stress on your body and it adapts.  Then you must increase the stress and it will adapt again.

Below I have listed several tips on how to get started with a healthy exercise and diet program.

  • Start slow
  • Allow your body to progress
  • Consider your goal
  • Lose fat
  • Build muscle
  • Become healthier
  • Gradually Increase the intensity


Remember this is a change of lifestyle! This is something that you want to do for the rest of your life.  So don’t be in such a rush.  Enjoy the journey and believe in the process.

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