The calorie cycling diet is a revolutionary new way of dieting that can let you lose up to 11 pounds in 10 days. At least that is what the proponents of this program claims. Calorie cycling works on the premise of tricking your body into believing that you are not on a diet when actually you are. Calorie cycling attempts to remove the problem of hitting the weight plateau which is common in most weight loss programs. Calorie cycling is also known as the Zig-Zag diet or calorie shifting, which explains basically the same formula of  shifting calories from one meal to another so your body would not detect the drastic dip in calorie intake.


Basically calorie cycling diet works best for anyone form any age group who wish to lose weight within a short duration of time without creating a big deficit in the intake of food. You would start the diet with a reduction of calorie in one meal and then move on to a higher calorie count for the next meal. Alternating this for every meal would trick your body into thinking that there would be no deficit in food intake at all. By confusing the body, you would stimulate the body’s natural fat metabolism to burn off fats in huge amounts which would result in substantial weight loss for you. Calorie cycling has been used by bodybuilders ever since the 1980s to prepare for an upcoming competition. It helps get anyone into a great shape, lower the body fat and remove the flab faster than any other form of dieting.


In a normal calorie deficit dieting, the body would start by accepting the lower calorie intake and then move on to respond accordingly in order to protect itself. As soon as the calorie count dips below the normal recommended daily calorie intake, the body would ring off an internal alarm and the body’s natural fat burning mechanism would tend to slow down a little in order to compensate for the lack of calorie intake. This is done because it perceives that there would be an impending famine and it’s done with the intent to protect the body from starvation. So the more you cut down on calorie intake, the more your body would respond accordingly and start to slow down the fat burning ability.


Thus, initially, with the normal calorie deficit diet, you may enjoy little weight loss but as soon as your body learn to adapt to the new deficit of intake by burning less calories, you would be experience less and less results form your calorie deficit diet. So even when you are literally starving yourself, you would not experience any form of successful weight loss simply because the body has been able to learn to burn less calorie to compensate for the deficit.

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