The goal to Develop Bigger Arms is a very popular goal of many beginners, especially men.  Let’s start of by taking a look at the muscles of the arm and their functions.  We use our arms is just about every movement whether working or playing.  Having strong arms can help with many of the activities we do every day.  Whether it be gardening, shoveling, moving furniture, or throwing a ball.  Anyone can build stronger, larger arms by following a few principles.

The arm is broken down into 5 muscles, generally speaking.  There are two muscles of the bicep or front of the arm and three muscles of the triceps or the back of the arm.  The biceps are responsible for bringing the forearm closer to the body.  The triceps are responsible for extending the forearm away from the body.  Although this is a very basic explanation it gives you a simple understanding of the function of these muscles.

There is another very important fact that you need to understand that could completely derail your progress to develop bigger arms.  There are many exercises that do not focus on working your arm muscles but include them in the movement.  For instance, the bench press targets your chest or pectoral muscles but also places a great amount of stress on your triceps.  Pull-ups target your latissimus dorsi, upper back muscles, but place a great deal of stress on your biceps.  For this reason you must consider the possibility of over training when creating your arm exercise program.

Let’s get into the exercises that will have you on your way to develop bigger arms!  One of the most popular bicep exercises performed is the standing barbell curl.  This exercise has also been known to pack on more muscle to the biceps. Some other exercises are dumbbell curls, preacher curls, reverse curls, machine curls, and double arm curls.  There are many different variations to these exercises. For a specific bicep exercise program feel free to contact me.

The largest muscles of the arm are the triceps.  The triceps are involved in any pressing movement including bench presses and military presses.  The triceps are also activated during curling movements on the eccentric or lowering of the barbell during a curl.  Some of the most popular exercises to develop bigger arms, focusing on the triceps, are: French curls, bench triceps extensions, parallel bar dips, chair ups, triceps extensions on a machine, and triceps extensions using a high pulley.  As with biceps exercises, there are many variations to triceps exercises.  For a specific triceps exercise program feel free to contact me.

In order to develop bigger arms it is important to know the functions of the biceps and triceps.  Having a solid understanding of these muscle groups will help you to develop bigger arms that you can be proud of.  But you cannot neglect that fact that your arm muscles are used in many different movements and can easily be over trained.  It is imperative to have a work-out program that addresses recovery so that you do not stall your progress or become injured.  For a gut busting, intense program that will develop bigger arms schedule a consultation with me today!  It’s FREE!

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